Wheel In The Middle Of A Wheel
Explained For The First Time As You've Never Heard It Before
From The Most Ancient Texts Predating The Bible
Dr. Scott McQuate

Ezekiel's Wheel In A Wheel Explained By Dr. Scott McQuate


About The Author

The world is rapidly changing. With Financial crises, food shortages, political upheaval, geophysical changes, social uneasiness and generalized uncertainty staring every citizen of the world in the face, more people than ever are asking the question, where is the United States, even the world headed and what, if any, are the solutions? Dr. Scott McQuate, author of the highly-acclaimed book Blueprint for Bondage, is a voice to speak to those issues in our time. Applying his knowledge of the scriptures and ancient historical texts to find answers to these and many other relevant questions, he has relayed this controversial, but much-needed message to the world.

Dr. Scott McQuate Lecturing

Dr. McQuate has always known that the truth of the creator, found in the Bible and elsewhere, has guided him on his journey and he has accepted, with open arms, his call to disseminate the truth hidden within the pages of these and other ancient writings.

Dr. McQuate's insights are some of the deepest and most eye-opening that exist, and most of what he teaches can be heard nowhere else on earth. His message is one of wakefulness and urgency for the preparation of the ‘hearers’ for their safety, temporally, here on earth and eternally. Unfortunately, most are asleep in Babylon, just as prophesied (Isa. 29:10).

It is his sincere hope that his readers who have ears to hear will choose to join him on this journey, spreading the truth to break through the deceptive darkness of lies that have kept the world in bondage for too long. It is time to receive the true blessings and freedom that belong to us.

Dr. McQuate grew up in Shiloh, Ohio. He graduated from Mansfield Christian High School and has attended Mount Vernon Nazarene University as well as Ashland Theological Seminary. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Asbury College, his Master’s Degree in Scriptural Psychology from Midwest Theological Seminary and completed his Doctorate in Scriptural Psychology at Walsingham University. He is an avid researcher, exegete and lecturer and has been the guest on dozens of radio shows across the country. He is also the moderator and founder of www.InnerCircle.us a private Social Network unlike any other, for truth seekers. There Dr. McQuate teaches members who built the Great Pyramids, what really happened in Eden, the importance of DNA is and where to find shrouded messages to it in the Bible, what ufo's and orbs are, where Solomon's temple is, what the Ark of the Covenant really was and where it is, what Planet X (Nibiru) is and what you need to know about it and much, Much more. Dr. Mcquate's papers and radio shows are one-of-a-kind and are not to be missed.

"Your teachings are awesome. Thank you for your clarity. I will be waiting anxioiusly for your next teaching." 

- Brian T.
Inner Circle Member

"Thank you for your incredible research. You've got a way of teaching that keeps me coming back for more!"

- Sue M.
Inner Circle Member

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